Steamer Trunk Handle Brackets or Loops with Pins for Slotted Handles


Loop Style #1 (Stock Number LOOP1) — bright brass, antique brass, bright nickel, or black finish, with pins.  These fit over slotted handles. Takes four nails to attach each loop, so you need a total of 16 nails to do one trunk (nails are not included). Note that the handles don’t need to be nailed to the trunk if you use these loops, the pins under the loops hold the handles in place, and the slots allow the handle to lay flat against the trunk when not in use. Slick.
Overall dimensions of these loops/brackets is 1.25″ wide by 3-7/16″ tall. The space under the middle part is about 5/16″.
Sized to fit handles that are 1.25″ wide. A set of four of these, delivered to your door (no extra shipping or handling charges for USA customers) is priced at $12.00.


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