TH-19 Long Leather Purse of Bag Handles


TH-19 Made in response to popular demand (two people), Brettuns Village now offers these Made-in-Maine leather purse and handbag handles. Made with a single layer of USA cowhide, medium brown, folded in half and stitched lengthwise around a nylon core that prevents stretching and gives a round shape to the leather. Single solid brass rivet at each end to protect the ends of the stitching – this makes a big difference in how long a handle like this will last. The leather is 1-5/16″ wide before it gets folded/stitched, and the finished width is 9/16″.
Overall length is 25-3/4″, length of the stitched portion (rivet to rivet) is 20″. The flat tab at each end is 1-5/16″ wide by about 2″ long. You’ll need to have a plan for how you intend to attach these to your purse, bag, case, nephew, etc. The intent was for them to be machine stitched, but you can stitch them on by hand, or use a combination of glue, rivets, screw posts, etc. Get creative.
TH-19 handles $15 each, USA shipping included  ONE handle for $15, OK?




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