Arrow Head End Saratoga and Jenny Lind Trunk Handles


Style TH-06 is an arrowhead shape, exactly like the original handles on Jenny Lind and many Saratoga style trunks from the early to mid-1800s. We don’t know of anyone else that offers these handles for sale, they’re very difficult to stitch. We figured it out though. These are 10 and 1/4″ long, from end to end, and about 2″ wide at the arrowhead. Made with three layers of thick leather, the handle is a full 1/4-inch thick. These attach in a very simple manner – just hammer two or three trunk nails through the narrow end into the trunk, then attach a single loop about an inch to an inch and a half behind the arrowhead. The arrowhead end slides back and forth through the loop, so that the handle can lay flat against the trunk until it’s time to lift the trunk, then it slides into the correct position for your hand to get in there. Miraculous.  Arrow Head End Saratoga and Jenny Lind Stitched Leather Trunk Handles:  These are $24 per pair, postage included for destinations in the USA.
Pair of TH-06 Handles – $24.00 Choose Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black.


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