Pair of VERY LARGE Brass Trunk Hasps


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These hasps or drawbolts are gigantic, made from solid brass, and weigh in at 12 ounces each. A little over 7 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide, requiring a total of 8 nails to attach to your trunk. These are similar in design to some hasps from the 1880s, with a spring steel piece inside that helps the hasp snap shut. Very heavy duty but with a nice old look. Giant Hasps are priced at $48.00 per pair (that means two tops, two bottoms), free shipping to any USA location. Please get out your ruler and check these dimensions against what you want for your trunk. These things are huge – no kidding. The top piece is 3-7/16″ wide by 3-7/8″ tall. If you allow the bottom of this piece to extend below the edge banding of the trunk by about 1/2″ the top part needs a space of at least 3 vertical inches to seat properly.
Item code = Hasp4 Pair of Hasps $55.00


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