Large Steamer Trunk Locks with Keys


A very common lock size/type, and now we have these in FOUR finishes.  Large Steamer Trunk Locks with Keys:  These locks measure 3 and 3/4″ by 6 and 5/8″ overall, when closed. The top half measures 3 and 3/4″ by 3 and 3/4″. Requires 7 nails to attach to your trunk.  You can use screws, but that would be a violation of Brettuns Village’s “Incontestable Law of Death Before Use of Screws”, a new program we’ve started (we come by your place and give you a good razzing for stooping to the use of screws).  These locks come with two keys. This is the most common size and style of trunk lock known to mankind.  This type of lock was used on about 65% of all trunks ever made.  Large Locks – $14.00 each, USA shipping included Part Number Lock-1.  Choose Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Bright Nickel, or Black.


Don’t take our word for it: