Small Head Clinch Nails for Steamer Trunk Repair


These nickel-plated steel clinch nails are one inch in length and have a small, flat head that’s about 1/8″ across. Square shank helps them clinch over easily. These are true old fashioned clinch nails that a blacksmith or shoe cobbler (or trunk guy) would use. These have a very small head – about 1/8″ across at most. Not great for attaching parts to your trunk, but useful when nailing on slats.  If your total Parts order is over $5 then it ships free to any USA address.  If you purchase just one pack of these your order total will be $4.00, so you don’t get free shipping.  Order two packs, or we’ll send you a payment request for postage and mailer costs (currently $4.50).

1-inch Clinch Nails Pack of 20 for $4


1.5″ long Clinch Nails Pack of 20 for $4

Straight nails with small heads are useful for steamer trunk repair


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