TRUNK NAILS Square Shank Nails for Trunk Repair


Square Shank Trunk Nails: Also known as cut nails or clinch nails. We sell four sizes of brass-plated steel trunk nails and four sizes of plain steel cut nails, all made one at a time on an old-fashioned cut nail press. The heads on all of these are just a hair larger than 1/4 of an inch (9/32″).  These are easy to work with as the steel is soft enough to bend easily when using your nailing heel.  Priced according to the cart button, and orders $5 or more ship free to any USA address.

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Helpful info:

The one pound bags of nails contain, roughly:

3/4″ = 450/lb     1″ = 330/lb     1-1/4″ = 300/lb     1-1/2″ = 250/lb


The quarter pound bags of nails contain, roughly:

3/4″ = 105/Qtrlb     1″ = 75/Qtrlb     1-1/4″ = 70/Qtrlb     1-1/2″ = 60/Qtrlb

More helpful stuff:

You’re going to be doing what’s known as clinch nailing.  It’s easy, well, except for the first nail you try to clinch.  The second one goes easier, and by Nail 3 you’re an expert.  Use mild steel square shank nails that are ¼” to ½” longer than you’re nailing through.  Hold a heavy piece of flat steel against the inside wall of the trunk, tap tap tap on the nail from the outside; the tip of the nail will do a U-turn when it hits the heavy metal, and it helps to stay loose ( your arms and upper body – just roll with it, OK?).  Let the heel (the heavy metal thing) bounce with each tap, and truly it’s a game of tap tap tap – you’re not a roofer when you’re doing trunk work.  Got it?  Here’s more info on trunk nailing


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