T1974 Standard Green CanvasTrunk


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T1974 Standard Green Canvas 1880s Travel Trunk with a flat top.  The top is 24 inches from the floor, so it’s taller than a standard coffee table by about 8 inches and that’s a lot.  Nice side or end table, but who wants to have to lift your head off the pillow to see the replay of that last Hail Mary when Navy once again smears Army in football like they always do and will always do.  That was for you, Dad (USNA 1955).  T1974 measures 33 inches long by 19 inches front to back, and the level top is 24 inches above the floor.  Original canvas covering, and the lock works (comes with one working key).  This is a common travel trunk, probably sold by Sears or Wards for about $2.65 in 1888.  The handles are original but weak, so lift from the bottom, please.  T1974 is $500 flat, 48-state shipping included.




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