Replacement hasps, drawbolts, catches, clasps, closures for antique trunks
Many styles available, including new old stock drawbolts from an old trunk factory - please scroll down the page!

Brass or nickel case drawbolts or haspsCase hardware
It's hard to find hasps that duplicate the older styles, but these aren't bad.  Made from brass or nickel-plated steel, then coated with a protective lacquer finish.
They measure 1 and 1/2 inches wide by 2 and 3/4 inches tall when completely closed.  Require 5 nails per hasp to mount to your trunk.
These are sold by the pair: You get two tops and two bottoms in each pair ($10.00 per pair).  Price includes postage for USA customers.
Item code = HASP1
Antique Trunk Parts for sale
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brass, nickel, or antiqued drawbolts for salebrass, nickel, or antiqued drawbolts for sale
Antique brass drawboltsAntique brass trunk hardware
This is HASP-14.  These measure 1 and 3/4 inches wide by 3 and 1/4 inches tall when completely closed.  Require 6 nails per hasp to mount to your trunk.
These are sold by the pair ($10.00 per pair -a pair is two complete hasps - two tops, two bottoms).  Choose Bright Brass or Antique Brass (sold out of nickel).
 Price includes postage for USA customers.  Item code = HASP14  $10 per pair.
steamer trunk hardware for sale

Black trunk hardwareHasps for trunks
Black anodized drawbolts are sold in sets of two (a pair).  Same size as the ones (HASP-14) shown above.
We sell these in pairs (two tops, two bottoms in each pack).  Dimensions are as shown above.
Per pair:  $10  (includes USA shipping)

Large Trunk Hasps or Drawbolts - Bright Brass or Antique Brass
Large drawbolts for old trunksantique brass drawbolts for steamer trunks for sale
Trunk drawbolts, replacementantique brass trunk hasps or locks or drawbolts for sale
These are pretty big hasps, useful for larger trunks and chests.  Each hasp measures about 5 and 1/2" tall, 3" wide overall.  Requires a total of 7 nails to attach each hasp.
Brass or Antique brass plated steel, heavy duty, built to last.  The mounting plate for the top part measures 2-15/16" wide by 2" tall; the mounting plate for the bottom part is 2-15/16"
wide by 3" tall.  These are sold by the pair (two tops, two bottoms in each pair).  Price includes postage for USA customers.  Item code = HASP2
Pair of Hasps  $28.00

1872 HASPS
Patd 1872 haspsBrass trunk hardware for sale
With a patent date of July, 1872, Taylor Trunk Co came out with this style of hasps and sold them to many, many trunk makers across the USA.
The originals were made of steel; these are solid cast brass and have a locking mechnism that locks/unlocks with the little tab that
sticks out from the right side of the hasp.  Sold as a set of two hasps, and they do not come with screws.  Best to use nails on old trunks,
but we'll leave that critical decision up to you.  You can paint these if you get that kind of urge. Try to let it pass.
The top piece is 1-3/8" tall (plus the little hook at the bottom sticks down another 3/8").
The bottom piece is 1-7/8" wide by 1-3/4" tall.
1872 Hasps  $18 per pair (two tops, two bottoms) USA postage included.  HASP3

Large brass steamer trunk parts for saleBrass trunk hardware for new or old trunks
These babies are gigantic, made from solid brass, and weigh in at 12 ounces each.  A little over 7 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide, requiring a total of 8 nails to attach to your trunk.
These are similar in design to some hasps from the 1880s, with a spring steel piece inside that helps the hasp snap shut.
Very heavy duty but with a nice old look.  Giant Hasps are priced at $48.00 per pair (that means two tops, two bottoms), free shipping to any USA location.
Please get out your ruler and check these dimensions against what you want for your trunk.  These things are huge - no kidding.
The top piece is 3-7/16" wide by 3-7/8" tall.  If you allow the bottom of this piece to extend below the edge banding of the trunk by about 1/2" the top part needs a space of at least 3 vertical inches to seat properly.
Item code = Hasp4   Pair of Hasps  $48.00

When we say big we mean BIG!
What a goof ball
Measure before you buy!

Old Stock Nielsen Hasps or Drawbolts
Box and case hardware and partsSmall box hasps or drawbolts
These are original 1930s nickel hasps that we purchased as part of an inventory close-out.  New old stock, so these will be a little dusty, but are in good condition for their age
and easy to clean up.  Made by Nielsen, and each hasp bears the company name.  Look right at home on your trunk or case.
We sell these in pairs - that means two tops, two bottoms.  They're very well made, which one would expect from that day and age,
measuring about 2.5 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide when closed.  The top plate is about 1-3/16" wide by 13/16" tall and has two holes for nails, screws, or rivets.
Sold per set, two drawbolts in a set.  HASP12   $8 per set

Small Brass or Antique Brass Plated Drawbolts
Briefcase haspsSmall parts hardware for boxes and cases

Small, plain brass or antique brass plated steel hasps or drawbolts are useful on suitcases, smaller trunks and boxes.  Mount with five nails/screws/rivets each (not included).
Overall measurements are 1-1/4" wide by 2-9/16" tall.  Sold in Pairs (the pictures above on the left show a pair: two tops, two bottoms in each pack)
HASP7  $10/pair, USA shipping included

Nickel 151 Hasps or Drawbolts
Excelsior 151 hasps for steamer trunksCase hardware, nickel locking drawbolts
Drawbolts like these were commonly used on automobile trunks in the early to mid 1900s.
These come with two Excelsior 151 keys, and the drawbolts have 151 stamped into them.
They look nice, and are accurate reproductions of the originals.  Available in nickel-plated steel only.
Overall measurements of the complete unit are about 1-5/8" wide by 3" tall.
HASP-11, sold per pair, $25/pair, USA shipping included.

Teeny Tiny Closures for Jewelry Boxes or Other Small Cases
Small box parts, box closures
These are original 1930s plated steel box closures that are intended for very light duty use.  Attach with a total of 4 very small nails (NOT included)
New old stock, so these will be a little grimy, dusty, or otherwise in need of a bath.
We sell these in pairs (total of two tops, two bottoms, so each bag will close two boxes).
The larger half is 3/4" by 1/2", and the little part with the nub on it is about 3/8" by 1/4".
Per pair:  $5 (includes USA shipping)

Very SMALL Hasps, Nickel Plated Steel
Old Stock, Original 1920s Excelsior Parts
Small closures for boxes or casesVintage hasps for boxes or cases
Made for use on small suitcases and shoe boxes that went inside wardrobe trunks, these are old stock drawbolts
that we believe were made in the 1920s or 30s.  Quarter shown in the photo gives you an idea of the size.
When closed, top and bottom together have overall dimensions of 1-1/4" tall by 7/8" wide (at the top - the widest spot).
The nail holes on these aren't very big - looks like you'll need something just slightly bigger than a straight pin to attach these to your project.
These are old stock, original parts and have some dust, grime, and surface corrosion on them.  They clean up pretty easily.
This is HASP8, and we sell packs of two of these (two tops, two bottoms) for $5 each, USA shipping included.
closures for humidors

purse snap locks for salepurse snap locks for sale
Small snap locks have prongs on the back of the lock for easy mounting.  The hasp has two 1/16" holes in it - use your own mounting hardware.  Dimensions are as shown.
Sold per pair (two tops, two bottoms), with USA postage included in the price.
Purse Lock 1    $8 per pair

Foot Locker Hasps or Draw Bolts

Brass, Nickel, or Old Stock Finish

draw bolts and hasps and closures for footlockers for salereproduction footlocker parts for sale
old stock trunk drawbolts for saleold stock trunk hasp closures for sale
You've seen this type of draw bolt on trunks at Sears and Wards and Wal-Mart - it seems to us that this style first showed up in the 1920s
and then gathered steam in the 1950s.  Sold in pairs - enough for one trunk (two tops, two bottoms), in either nickel plated steel or brass plated steel.
Overall measurements of the complete top/bottom are 5 inches tall by 2-3/4 inches wide.  Requires 6 nails or rivets or whatever to attach.
HASP-18  $20 per pair, USA shipping included.  Choose brass or nickel-plated steel, or go for the 'broken in' look with the Old Stock finish -
recovered from a former trunk maker's factory building.  The old stock ones have some rust and discoloration - they look old.  Very, very cool.
Your choice

SMALL Locking Case Hasps

Old Stock Brass Plate Finish

vintage old stock brief case latches for saleold stock box or case locks  for sale
These are old stock brief case or lunch box hasps that we recovered from an old suitcase factory in NYC, in old brass-plated steel.
Sold in sets - each set contains two tops, two bottoms, and two keys. The backplate is about 2-1/8" wide by 7/8" tall. SMALL!
HASP-19  $18 per pair, USA shipping included. 

Nickel Case Hasps by Excelsior, New Old Stock!

Non-Locking, in Nickel Plate Finish

vintage old stock trunk and suitcase latches for sale
These are old stock trunk hasps (drawbolts) that we believe were made in the 1930s, in original nickel-plated steel.
Sold in sets - each set contains two tops and two bottoms. The backplate is about 1-3/4" wide by 3" tall.
HASP-20  $25 per pair, USA shipping included. 

Snap Hasps or Tuck Locks

Snap hasps or tuck locks for saleSnap hasps or tuck locks for sale
These are 1-inch snap hasps (also known as tuck locks) that can be attached to your case with screws, rivets, or nails.  Nickel-plated steel.
We sell these in sets of two complete snap hasps per pack (Note: each pack contains two tops, two bottoms)
Tuck Clasps  $5.00 per pack
100  packs  for $40.00
1,000 packs for $200.00

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