Snap-In Handle for Cases


Snap-In Replacement Handle for Suitcase or Instrument Case.  This style of handle has a nickel-plated snap at each end – just snap it onto the existing rings on your suitcase. Takes exactly 4 seconds to install. The handle is made from premium vegetable-tanned leather. The tan handles are undyed, so you can stain them to match your case if you’d like, or use it the way it is. Has leather cords inside, with the leather-wrapped around, so it’s pretty sturdy. Fits onto any suitcase that has two rings, as shown. The rings need to be somewhere between 4.5 and 8 inches apart for this handle to fit. Our price includes postage costs for any USA location.
SCH200-Tan or Black, $20.00 each, USA shipping included.


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