Stitched Leather Replacement Handle


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In a very nice shade of medium brown, perhaps you’d call it British Tan, SCH-204 is a sturdy, stitched leather handle built around a metal band core. Has a brass plated steel (gold color) rectangular ring at each end so that you can mount this to the existing brackets on your case. Inside dimension is 1 inch. No brackets, or are you building a new case? Our LOOP8 rings fit fine. Brackets are NOT INCLUDED with this handle. The leather part of this handle measures 5-3/4″ long. If you include the rectangular rings the overall length is 7-1/2″. Again, the rectangular brass rings are included and already attached to the handle. The brackets that hold the rings are NOT INCLUDED but are available on our Handle End Caps page.

SCH-204 handle with rings; $24 each, USA shipping included.



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