Trunk Handle End Caps in a Common Style – The Star Caps


These go over the ends of your new handles, made of stamped steel that has not been coated with anything
other than a little machine oil to keep them from rusting. Sized to fit over handles that are 1.25 inch wide; a very common size.
We sell these in sets of four for $12, delivered to your door. These are reproductions of the most common trunk handle end cap
in the history of the planet. These do not have pins – just nail your handles to the trunk, then nail these over the ends of the handles.
May be used with handles that have slots or unslotted handles – it doesn’t matter.  When these are nailed onto your trunk the overall dimensions are 2-5/16″ from top to bottom and 2-1/8″ wide.  IMPORTANT:  The plain steel one are just that: plain steel, no paint nor clear coat nor oils on them, so they rust quickly.  A little steel wool, rub rub rub, and the rust is gone, OK?
TEC01 $16 per set of four end caps, USA shipping included

We now offer four finishes for these end caps – top to bottom in the main photo:

Plain steel (currently sold out)

Aged Nickel

Aged Brass

Bright Nickel

Take your pick, $16 per set, with USA postage included.  That means free shipping if USPS delivers your mail.


Don’t take our word for it: