Spare Common Trunk Lock Keys, T44, T44K, T45, T46, T47, T51, 7201


These nickel-plated steel keys fit many locks made by Long, American, and others, many of which will have the letters code T-46K stamped on the lock. Also fits codes 7201, T-44, T44K, T-45,T-46, T-47, and T-51. These keys are flat and about as thin as a dime.  All of these codes are the exact same key.

Chances are pretty good that if your lock has a plain narrow slot like the one shown, this key will fit.

Replacement key, style #1, sold in packs of two keys for $10; shipping included for all USA addresses.  Need more?  We have bags of 10 of these keys available for $25, with free USA shipping.


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