Heavy Duty Tool Bags from Ray Mayo


Hand Made in Maine Heavy Duty Latigo Leather Tool Bags from Ray Mayo.  We have two options for you to consider:  The brown bag is a  Carpenter’s Tool bag, but you can use it for whatever fits.  The orangey-tan one is The Professor and has many compartments as you can see.  These are made from our Wichita Falls 7 ounce leather (the brown bags) or 6 ounce leather Height-o-Land Sunset (the orangey bags).  Latigo strap handles run all the way around, including underneath each bag.  Hand-peened copper rivets and meticulous hand stitching all the way around.  Pockets are as you see in the photos.


The Professor (orangey tan) is 16 by 10 and 9 inches tall.

The Carpenter’s bag (brown) is 18 by 10 by 8 inches tall

A lot of hours are involved in making these, and they are priced accordingly.  Choose Carpenter (brown) or Professor (orangey tan).  $475 each, 48-state USA shipping included.




Don’t take our word for it: