Veg Tan and Latigo Belt Blanks


Belt Blanks – Make Your Own Belts and Straps with Our USA Cattlehide Latigo or Veg Tan Leather Belt Blanks!  These are made on our own 7 ounce drum dyed latigo side leathers or 8 ounce vegetable tanned sides.  Thickness of the latigo strips is 7 ounces or just a frog’s hair under 1/8″.  The Veg tan strips are 9 ounce, or just a hair over an eighth of an inch.  We’re cutting the latigo strips in two widths so far:  1 inch or 1.5 inch.  The 1.5 inch wide blanks are 48 inches long each.  The 1 inch wide blanks are 50 inches long each.  These are dark reddish brown, like our dark brown steamer trunk handles.  The veg tan strips are 1.25″ wide by 48 inches long.  We added the veg tan belts, which are the light tan color, in case you get the urge to use a wood burner on the leather, or tool it/stamp it into cool patterns.


1″ wide dark brown latigo belt blanks 50 inches long:  $15.00

1.5″ wide dark brown latigo belt blanks are 48 inches long each: $16.50

1.25″ wide vegetable tanned belt blanks are 48 inches long and are $16.50 each


PLUS These ship FREE to any USA address.  If USPS delivers your mail, you’re in!




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