Reproduction Steamer Trunk Slat Clamps


Slat clamps go over the end of a slat or where two slats come together anywhere on your trunk. Plain steel, paint them or let them age (rust) naturally. These have a nice ‘step-down’ over the edge of the slat, as shown. Useful for slats up to 2.25″ wide, probably shouldn’t try to use them on slats that are less than 2″ wide. Priced at $3 each, USA shipping included.  We have two varieties of these – plain or fancy, as shown. Your choice, and these ship free if you’re in the USA and your order is over $5.00.  IMPORTANT:  These are plain steel, no paint nor clear coat nor oils on them, so they rust quickly.  A little steel wool, rub rub rub, and the rust is gone, OK?


Don’t take our word for it: