Four Styles of Decorative Steamer Trunk Rosettes


Four Styles of Decorative Steamer Trunk Rosettes.  These rosettes are made from stamped brass (the gold ones) or stamped steel (the silver ones), and sold by the pair – TWO rosettes in each package.
Rosette 1: 1-1/4″ across, choose steel or brass
Rosette 2: 2-3/16″ across
Rosette 3: 1/2″ across (SOLD OUT and it ain’t coming back)
Rosette 4: 1-7/8″ across
Each of these mounts with a single nail – just nail it right through the center of the rosette. You can punch a hole first with a nail if you feel like it.
Priced according to the drop-down menu, USA shipping included.


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