Larger Brass Plated Steel Trunk Lid Stay Stay3


Larger Brass Plated Steel Trunk Lid Stay Stay3.  Priced at $12 each, USA shipping included.  This lid stay is brass plated steel, so it’s a rather shiny gold color.  When fully extended the distance between nail holes is 7-1/8″.  When you install this in your trunk (yes, only ONE per trunk) please ensure that you put it in the left rear of the inside of the trunk; it’s designed to be nailed right there.  This thing has two ‘legs’ and you’ll note that one is about a half of an inch longer than the other.  The longer end goes down; gets nailed to the base of the trunk.  Shorter end goes up, nails to the lid.  You already figured that out, we bet.  Stay3, $12, USA shipping included.

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