TH-05 Curved Handles for Saratoga Trunks


In the early to mid-1800s when you wanted a trunk you went to see the saddler in your town. This person would generally be able to make you a saddle, just about any type of harness you could dream up, a hatbox, or a trunk. Somewhere in the Philadelphia area (we think) one of these shops started making this type of curved handle to put on their trunks, and then some shops in other towns copied the pattern, and now, well, I guess we’ve copied them.

These are very sturdy handles, stitched from three layers of belting leather, and they’re big. 11 and 3/8″ long overall, from tip to tip. and 4″ high.
About 5/16″ thick. Put three nails in each end – that’s all there is to it. Just nail them on nice and flat; the bow part will flex out so that you can slide your hand between the handle and the trunk.
Or nail it on upside down and tell your friends that the trunk is smiling at them (rimshot). This is a Brettuns Village exclusive – can’t get them anywhere else on the planet.
TH-05 Sold per pair
$30.00 per pair, USA shipping included


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