Longer Handles for Larger Trunks 10.5 inches long


TH-07  longer Handles for Larger Trunks – Handle style TH-07, also made right here in Maine by our shop, available in black or the same medium or dark brown color as many of our other handles, and these are also stitched from three layers of harness leather. These are 10.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, and about a quarter of an inch thick. Slots are one inch long, set back from the end of the handle about 1.5 inches.  Useful for many wardrobe-style trunks or larger steamer trunks.  Price includes shipping for USA locations.  TH-07 $22 per pair, or, because these also work well on many wardrobe trunks, you can also choose to buy one handle at a time ($14 each, USA shipping included)


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