Small Stitched Wide End Handles TH16


Small Stitched Wide End Handles for Cases and Boxes TH-16:  Made with layers of USA cattlehide leather, and stitched right here in Maine, our TH-16 handles have wide ends that fit under our LOOP4 brackets.  Each TH-16 handle is 20.5 centimeters long or about 8-1/8″, thickness is 3/16″.   The wide mushroom end is 1.25″ wide.  The strappy part of the handle is 3/4″ wide in the middle, narrowing to 1/2″ just next to the mushroom.

If you only need one it’s $12.00, or if you need a pair it’ll be $20.00, and USA shipping is built right in.  Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black, your choice.


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