Padlock Hasp for a Trunk or Footlocker


Old Stock Padlock Hasps for the Front of Your Trunk or Footlocker so You Can Lock It Up!  Recovered from an old footlocker factory, these are very sturdy hasps that allow you to use your own padlock to lock up whatever it is you don’t want anyone else rummaging around in.  Dimensions:  The Loop plate needs four fasteners to attach, and its plate measures 1-3/16″ by 2″.  The main part of the hasp when laid out flat measures 1-1/2″ wide by 6-1/2″ long overall.  If you mount it correctly, the long part folds over the screw holes so that it can’t be tampered with so easily.  When folded shut the overall hasp measures 1-1/2″ wide by 4-5/8″ long.  The inside dimensions of the loop (the U-shaped piece that your padlock runs through) are 5/8″ by 5/8″.  This is our HASP-25, priced at $10 each, USA shipping included.  These have RUST and FADED PAINT so they look their age, like it or not.  OK?  Thanks!


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