Long Straps: Leather Strap Sets for Larger Trunks


Our longer strap sets, like our Standard Strap sets, also consist of four pieces: You get the two 20″ buckle ends. You also get 2 straps with holes punched in them, and these strap pieces are 48″ long each. All four pieces of each set are 1 inch wide.  This set will work for one trunk that measures larger than 22″ high, 22″ deep. Longer strap sets (2 buckle ends, 2 strap ends) are $50 per set (enough for one complete trunk), delivered in the USA. Available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black leather.  These strap sets are made using 4 ounce leather; it’s 1/16″ thick which is not like a belt nor a harness; it’s lighter than that.  We use this leather because it goes around the edges of the trunk without making a fuss, and it’s much easier to buckle/unbuckle than would be that heavier leather.

Here’s some helpful information about how to arrange/where to place these on your trunk.


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