Short Leather Straps for Small Trunks


Short Straps

Some trunks just need short straps on the front of the trunk. Same construction as our other straps, but these are short. Nail the long end (with the holes in it) to the front face of the lid of the trunk (and you can trim it to fit). Nail the buckle piece to the base of the trunk, also on the front, so that they match up. Piece of cake. Sold as a set of four pieces – two of each end.  Straps are 1″ wide. Buckle end is 5-1/2″ long overall (to the end of the buckle). Strap end is 11-3/4″ long.  Choose medium brown, dark brown, or black. Short Straps $30 per set (all 4 pieces included – enough for one trunk) USA shipping included.  These strap sets are made using 4 ounce leather; it’s 1/16″ thick which is not like a belt nor a harness; it’s lighter than that.  We use this leather because it goes around the edges of the trunk without making a fuss, and it’s much easier to buckle/unbuckle than would be that heavier leather.


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