T1955 Canvas Covered Trunk by Duguid


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T1955 A larger trunk that’s canvas covered and made by Duguid right around 1890.  This one had been worked on by an unknown refinisher, and some of the evidence left behind tells us a lot about that garage marauder.  Handles were replaced using screws instead of standard trunk nails, most of the exterior flat metal has been painted black, and the inside has not received much attention at all, which means it’s a mix of plain wood or duck cloth, original, that probably should be removed so that the bare wood can show.  Look, folks, we’re selling this one ‘as-is’ at a low price.  Measures 34 by 22 inches and stands 24 inches tall.  Has a nice, original Duguid label inside “Beauty and Strength” was the company’s motto.  T1955 by Duguid is priced at $350, with 48-state USA shipping included.  You’ll notice that the original paint, which was greenish-brown, has vanished from spots here and there.  Enjoy the rustic appearance, or get a small brush and a can of paint and make it whatever color you’d like.  Take your time, use a small brush (we like 1/2″ wide), put the ball game on the radio, and lose yourself in the world of paint slathering.


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