T1960 Winship Wardrobe Trunk

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Large wardrobe trunk made by Winship right around 1938.  This one has drawers in half, hanging area in the other half with wooden hangers too.  This is a big trunk, and it’s heavy.  41 inches tall, 21 by 23 inches, and when empty it weighs 94 pounds.  No kidding.  We don’t think this trunk made many trips in its life as its in very good condition.  Comes with two keys but we couldn’t get either key to work correctly.  They’re included, in case you want to try the locksmith’s favorite secret (WD40).  The handle is original to the trunk but please know that the leather is close to 100 years old so best to avoid using the handle at all.  This is our T1960 and we have it priced at $500 flat, and this price includes UPS shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States.  No PO boxes either, which makes sense we suppose.



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