One Inch Wide Stitched Strap Handles


TH-21: Every now and again we get a request for trunk handles that are 1″ wide. One customer in NY needs handles that are 1″ wide and 6-43/64″ long; another customer in Utah needs them 1″ wide but 7-13/27ths long, and Charlie out in our workshop says he needs some that are 1″ wide and reach from here to there.
Here’s our answer – these stitched handles are comprised of two layers of harness leather, and each strap handle is 1″ wide by 24″ long. Just cut them to the length you need. Well, as long as the length you need is 24″ or less. Available in medium brown, dark brown, or black. Sold one strip at a time.
The ends will likely be hidden under your trunk’s end caps – just cut to length, nail them into position, and put the end caps back on. Bingo. These are about 3/16″ thick.
TH-21 strap handles $24 each, USA shipping included. These also make good heavy-duty bag or purse handles. On the far right is our thinner version, TH21 Light Duty.


Don’t take our word for it: