Standard Straps: Sized to Fit Most Common Steamer Trunks


Our standard trunk strap sets are one inch wide.  Each set consists of four pieces: 2 buckle-end straps, 20″ long each, and 2 straps, 40″ long each, with holes punched for the buckle post. This set will work for one trunk that measures anywhere less than about 22″ high, 22″ deep.  We also sell strap tabs to hold these straps in place, made from matching leather.  These strap sets are made using 4 ounce leather; it’s 1/16″ thick which is not like a belt nor a harness; it’s lighter than that.  We use this leather because it goes around the edges of the trunk without making a fuss, and it’s much easier to buckle/unbuckle than would be that heavier leather.

These are priced by the set, with shipping included in the price.  A set includes all four pieces – enough for one trunk. Two pieces that have buckles on them,
two pieces that are longer and have holes punched in them for the buckle tongue.  Download our instructions if you need some help figuring out how to attach these to your trunk (pdf file)

Standard strap sets (2 buckle ends, 2 strap ends) are $45 per set (enough for one complete trunk), delivered in the USA.
Our standard straps are available in medium brown, dark brown, or black.


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