Small Late 1800s Document Box


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Small Late 1800s Document Box with Original Lock and Key.  We think this was made for storing silverware, but there’s a label from Concord National Bank inside so maybe it just held a big pile of cash.  The box is clearly hand made, covered in water resistant fabric, held together with brass nails that were made one at a time by a blacksmith.  T947 measures 18 by 12 inches and is 8.5 inches tall.  The original key is included and the lock works fine.  Lock it, then you can carry it around by the new TH-16 handle we put on to replace the old original handle.  Forget to lock it and when  you go to pick it up the bottom will drop down enough to let your pink underwear fall out right there  on Main Street.  Pink?  Oh you washed them with your new Red Sox jersey and it ran a bit.  Sure.  T947 is $140.00, and this includes UPS shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States.




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