We offer several tools for working on old trunks, and even a kit of safety gear
to help you keep yourself in one piece while working on trunks.
You can pick up one of our 'Tool Combos' to save a few bucks:

You Can't Clinch Nail Parts to Your Trunk
Without One of These - Nailing Heels!
nailing heels for clinch nailing on antique trunks for salewe sell clinch nailing heels for trunk and canoe repair
If you want to clinch nail parts onto your trunk you're going to need a nailing heel.  These are old, heavy flat irons that fit your hand
well and are heavy enough to clinch your nails properly.  Each of these weighs 4 to 5 pounds, and these are old, original flat irons
from the late 1800s and early 1900s.  $35 each, includes shipping to any USA address.
clinch nailing dollie for sale

Nailing Heels with Handles

clinch nailing heels for antique trunk worksteamer trunk repair tools for sale
Same as above, but these old flatirons have a handle attached.  Easy to hang onto whilst you're whaling away on those trunk nails.
Heel with handle:  $45 each, includes shipping to any USA address.  Style will vary, but the handle will be worth hanging onto.

An Essential Prying Tool

Antique trunk tools - nail puller or tack remover
Excellent quality prying tool.  These are very handy when removing old nails, parts, tacks, etc.
Keep this in your pocket while working on your trunk; you'll use it a lot.  Priced at $10 each, which includes shipping by priority mail.  Item code:  Prytool
Prying Tool - $10 each, free shipping for USA customers

Every Project Needs a Scraper (In Maine it's a Scrapah)

Antique trunk tools - canvas scraper tool
You'll want to keep one of these in your tool belt whilst beating those trunks about the shop. Simple scrapers are useful for seperating canvas from trunks, or prying up tack heads, or removing interior lining, etc. 
Large scraper has a 2" wide blade at the working end, small scraper has a 1" wide blade; both have nice wooden handles. $8 each, large or small, or get both sizes for $15, USA shipping included

Your choice

Your Best Friends in the Fight Against Rust

Antique trunk tools - wire brush for rust removalAntique trunk tools - wire brush
These wire brushes mount in your electric drill and really are a big help in the battle against rust.
We sell these as a set of six, as shown in the photo above.  Each wire wheel has a 1/4" shaft, which will easily fit most electric drills.

Wire Wheel Set
Price:  $15 per set (postage included for USA locations, no other charges or fees)

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A Set of Small Steel, Brass, and Nylon Bristle Brushes For Polishing Metal Parts

Antique trunk tools - hand brush kit
These little gems do an amazing job of polishing up all sorts of metal parts.  They do a good job of removing rust, but are better suited to the final polishing work -
they bring out a great shine on brass or zinc-rich metals, and they hold up reasonably well.  Pack of six includes large and small brushes with bristles of steel, brass, and nylon.
Six Piece Handle Brush Set  $12
USA postage/shipping/handling included

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Sanding Sponges Make Life Easier

Antique trunk tools - sandpaper and sanding sponges
These sanding sponges have a surface that's liike sandpaper, but the sponge is easy to grip and lasts a long, long time.  We like these much better than regular sandpaper.
Our package contains three sponges:  Coarse, medium, and Fine, 1 of each.  They're rectangles that measure about 4" by 2.75" by 1"
We use these for sanding the slats and pine boards, all over the inside of the trunk, and on metal parts that have odd shapes.
Sold as a package - three sponges in each pack.
Price includes USA postage
Sanding Sponge Pack: $10

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Scissors for cutting leather
If you're looking for heirloom quality shears that will cut through leather like mad dogs, well, these aren't them.
What these are, Chester, are what we call project scissors.  They'll get you through this current project you're working on,
and maybe another one after that, and then that'll be about it.  Plastic handles, good cutting blades that cut fringe or just straight lines
in leather up to 12 oz in thickness.  We feel you'll get your money's worth out of them.  Craft Scissors  $10, USA shipping included.

Metal Shears or Tin Snips

tin snips on sale, for cutting thin metalmetal shears for cutting brass sheet, on sale
Our tin snips - or call them metal shears - are handly for cutting lighter gauge copper, brass, aluminum, and steel sheet metals.
Sturdy, and they work just like a pair of scisors.  Two sizes available - the larger ones are 12" overall, smaller ones are 8" overall.
Made of drop forged steel, and hardened so that they can cut through thin metal faster than green corn through the new school teacher.
Tin Snips:  Large  $25     Small  $20  USA shipping is included in these prices.

These work Great For Slapping on the Stain and Tung Oil

Antique trunk tools - stain brushes
These polyester stain brushes are our favorite for applying the secret goop to our trunks.  They work well, don't drip too much,
hang on to most of their bristles, and clean up easily.  We sell these in packs of 5 for $15.00; free shipping in the USA.
5 for $15.00

A Very Effective Paint Scraper

Antique trunk tools - paint scraper
Synthetic handle paint scraper is made to last, with replaceable scraping blades that have two edges each.
Easy to swap blades with a Phillips screwdriver.  Scraper and pack of 2 extra blades for $15.00; free shipping in the USA.
This package includes a total of 6 scraping edges (3 blades, two edges each)
Scraper  $15.00

Excellent Scratch Awls

Antique trunk tools - scratch awl
A good scratch awl is handy for pushing holes into your leather (so that you can hand stitch more easily), but it's also useful for making starter holes for wood nails or screws,
chipping ice blocks off the front steps, or aerating the lawn.  This is a high quality awl, hefty, and will help you make many holes over time.  Length overall is 6.25 inches.
The exposed part of the metal shaft is 4" long, but the shaft also extends up into the handle about an inch.  We lucked into a bumper crop of these.  Price includes USA postage.
Awl - $10 each
Your choice

End Cutters - The Pliers of Choice for Trunk Work

Antique trunk tools - end cutting pliers
These are useful for pulling out nails and tacks, cutting off old nails, etc.  The flat shape of the head is nice because it can be used to
pivot the nail heads out without damaging the wood on your trunk.  These measure about 4 inches long; just right to fit in your hand.
End Cutters
Price:  $8.00 (includes USA postage)

Save Money with our Standard Tool Combo

Antique trunk tools - tool setAntique trunk tools FOR SALE - tool setAntique trunk tools - tool set
Get one each of our wire brush set, prying tool, and end cutters.  Price includes USA shipping.
Standard Tool Combo

Or Go For the

Super Tool Combo

Contains one of every tool shown in this photo - and we'll even toss in a Brettuns Village Pen!
Large tool set for working on old antique trunks
This tool kit includes end cutters, tack jacker, craft scissors, 6-piece hand brush set, our 6-piece wire wheel set, scratch awl,
two stain brushes, wood-handled wire brush, paint scraper, spare scraper blade, and a set of three sanding sponges.
As a fabulous bonus (oh boy!) we'll throw in the rare Brettuns Village Leather ballpoint pen.
Some of these even have ink in them. Super Tool Combo: $75.00 Free shipping in the USA

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Rivet Setter/Splash Tool

Antique trunk tools - rivet setterAntique trunk tools - rivet setting tool
Available in one size only - OK, we get it, the photo on the right makes it look like we have two sizes - we don't - one size only.  It's a weird photo thing!
Rivet Setting Tool for use with post rivets or tubular rivets  (not for use with brass two-part rapid rivets).  Punch a hole in the leather or metal, put the post rivet through,
put the pin end of this tool in the throat of the rivet, give it a good whack with the mallet, and the end of the rivet splits into six flower petal sort of things, holds things together quite well.
Very useful for re-attaching hinges or hasps to trunk lid banding.  These setting tools are hardened steel and have a long life span -
to make them last you MUST use a nylon or rawhide mallet - NEVER USE A STEEL HAMMER - and a cutting board/pounding pad.
Rivet setters are $16 each, USA shipping included.  Want to know the best thing there is to know about this tool?  It's made right here in Maine!
Rivet Setter for Post or Tubular Rivets - RS0302 -

Antique trunk tools - mallet for tools
Best to use a synthetic or rawhide mallet and a pounding board to set rivets.  We sell these tools over in the Leather Craft part of our business.

Assortment of rivets for sale in packs
Add an assortment of 100 tubular, semi-tubular, and solid post rivets for $8

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